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These are just few projects and product development efforts in my portfolio.

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Gooch and Housego - Orlando (formerly Optronic Laboratories, Inc. and ChromoDynamics, Inc.):  As Senior Vice-President, Life Sciences and Instrumentation, Business Development (Vice-President, Marketing and Sales), I have been responsible not only for day to day management of our world-wide sales organization, marketing strategy and driving revenue growth year over year, but also for shaping the product development strategy and road map. In order to grow beyond our core scientific and academic constituency, I targeted and drove innovations for new market sectors in OEM, product test, imaging and life sciences. This has included exhaustive market and technical research involving expert surveys and competitive analysis and formulated detailed revenue models and business plans.

The OL 490 Agile Light Source and HSi-300 Hyperspectral Imaging System are two examples of our successful entry into these new markets with completely new to world products. The OL 490 Agile Light Source utilizes Texas Instruments’ innovative Digital Light Processor technology (DLP®) to offer a programmable and variable high intensity and high resolution spectral output. Capable of producing emissions at a single wavelength or broad spectrum, steady state or varying with time it delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility and speed to a wide range of scientific and technical applications including: chemometrics and hazardous materials detection, forensics and biosciences imaging and instrument/detector spectral response calibration (see video below). Also, check out what the University of Texas, Arlington is doing with the OL 490 here!

The HSi-300 Hyperspectral Imaging System featured a patented acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) imaging module.  This technology fulfills the promise of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging through unmatched spectral flexibility and switching speed. The HSi-300 incoporated an integrated EMCCD scientific camera, AOTF-based spectral filter system, instrument driver and control module and a powerful, intuitive image capture and hyperspectral analysis software suite.  A number of fluorescence microscopy research techniques benefit from the speed and resolution of ChromoDynamics hyperspectral imaging technology: immunohistochemistry, quantum dots (Q-Dots), fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) , fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) spectral karyotyping (SKY) and remote sensing.    





The second generation HSi-440 introduced an innovative real-time spectral unmixing capability in its application software making it possible for the first time for spectral imaging analysis (i.e. identification of species present) at near video rates!


ITT Industries (Cannon), Various Motorola Programs: As World-Wide Product Manager for Metal Dome Arrays, I worked with leaders in the wireless telecommunication industry to define our product roadmap for electronic user interface technologies to match their vision for their future products. Amongst them was Motorola whose innovative designs redefine fashion in consumer electronics while breaking technical barriers in the process. In RAZR handset program we worked extensively with Motorola and our suppliers to integrate various electronic component technologies into the industry's most dramatically compact user interface ever: 50% thinner than conventional solutions with more consistent performance and lower assembly costs.

Newport Corporation Advanced Manufacturing System  AutoAlign (AMS-AA): The AMS-AA was the next generation alignment platform design for passive wave-guide devices. The AMS-AA utilized a completely new alignment engine and added advanced machine vision and materials handling capabilities in a production-ready platform for the optical telecommunications device manufacturer market.  As the Product Manager and Program Manager, I  authored new product development, business, marketing and sales plans for this landmark product.  This included the prototype system integration schedule, marketing requirements document, go-to-market plan and market analysis.  At Newport I also lead the effort on several custom integrated solutions for key strategic accounts including alignment and laser welding platforms for Lucent Technologies / Agere.  I worked with a multi-disciplinary team involving production, engineering, marketing and sales resources.  The product was rolled out on time and on budget.      

Honeywell International, Boeing 737 Next Generation Electrical Power Distribution System (EPDS): The EPDS was a milestone for Boeing and Honeywell, as it was the first time the airframe manufacturer had outsourced this component.  Moreover, the Next Generation 737 represented a key revenue stream for Boeing as it was a staple of the growing domestic carrier market (Southwest and Americas West).  As Senior Project Engineer I was the design authority for this key aircraft subsystem, responsible for the design of products including: performance verification and reliability assessment, definition of technical requirement, proposal development and ensuring conformance to those requirements from concept to the end product.  I also led the technical interface with customers and regulatory agencies (FAA, Transport Canada) and field support efforts. I managed multi-disciplinary technical project design and production teams to meet a $20M p.a. target (Boeing 737 Next Generation).  One of my key objectives as Senior Project Engineer was to lead a value engineering initiative for this product.  The result was a reduction in cost of over 30% and increased reliability that addressed a critical failure mode.  This success was accomplished through the use of innovative materials and design and incredible teamwork.  My team would later present this achievement at the Honeywell "Quest for Excellence" Event.  I was also involved in various other product development efforts at Honeywell including: emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) and aircraft window heating systems. Honeywell is a ISO 9000/Total Quality environment. 

Optech Inc., Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper (ALTM) 1025: The 1025 represented an incredible feat of engineering and commitment and was state-of-the-art for the industry in its time.  Laser digital terrain mappers are on the vanguard of the survey technology market, reducing the time required to map an area from months to hours.  With a dual mirror scanning system and data acquisition rates twice as fast anything else that had come before it, the ALTM 1025 broke new records.  The project was also a success for our young team, which although recruited 3 months late into the contract was able to pull the entire project back on track and deliver on time and under budget to a very critical Japanese client involved in power line mapping in Asia.  The project was an undisputed success.  As the Project Lead and Manager, I was responsible for scheduling, budgeting, and management of this multi-disciplinary technical project team for this and a variety of other mapping projects, each at the $1M level.  My work included opto-mechanical and system engineering, design, testing, documentation, field installation and operator training (see me below in the chopper).  As a Project Scientist at Optech,  I was also responsible for the optical design of atmospheric lidar systems and led proposal development and negotiation phases for those programs and was responsible for development, testing and documentation of laser-bathymeter systems for waterway depth measurement.  I was involved with sales and marketing, strategic business development and subcontractor management.