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Product Development and Marketing Specialist

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Strategic, marketing and sales management, business and technical product development professional. US citizen with international experience. Extensive technical background in optical-mechanical, hardware and systems design, engineering and integration.


Drove growth in sales in the first year by 24% over previous year and exceeded plan


Booked highest single customer orders in company history two years in a row, a contribution of 20% over plan in the latter


Oversaw the growth sales revenues of new products by over 50%


Photonics, optical-mechanical hardware, software and systems design, engineering and integration. Life sciences, machine vison, spectral imaging, fiber optics/optical networking, lidar, spectroradiometry, photometry, test and measurement instrumentation, aerospace/automotive systems applications and electronic components. Machine learning/data science, software engineering and algorithm development (i.e. Python, C, R, etc.). Proven successful track record in program management, operations, business development, OEM/B2B sales, marketing, public relations, communications and finance and public policy.

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"Knowing Alex Fong for many years and his impressive technical expertise in engineering and design and photonics in particular as well as his solid business acumen in operations, sales/business development, and marketing management has allowed him to excel in his career and is more than ready to lead a company of his own. He has shown flexibility and adaptability to change with experience in multiple diverse Industries. An excellent manager shown by his strong commitment to developing and promoting talent of which I experienced first hand." - Dan Gudall Director - MHWirth

"I would highly recommend Alex. I was Alexs direct supervisor for several years and I found him to be dedicated, a team-player and one of the best communicators Ive had the pleasure to work with. He is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with a strong technical education. With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Alex would make a great addition to any company." - Steve Denomme Corporate Controller

"Alex has an excellent combination of extensive technical and business skills that he consistently applies with high energy and attention to detail. He is very knowledgeable in the photonics and electronics fields and knows well the needs and challenges of the many applications for which these technologies are essential. He has a wide range of experience that enables him to work effectively with customers and colleagues to develop new technologies and products as well as to find solutions to customer current requirements. He is also an active volunteer leader in the Florida Photonics Cluster trade association, for which he has served as President for since 2006, and also in several roles with OSA-The Optical Society." - Jim Pearson FPC Exec Director & Special Consultant, CREOL

"Alex is one of those managers who makes others around him successful. He brings a blend of sound intuition and a methodical fact based approach to problem solving. As a leader he gets the support of his team not only because his ideas are well thought but because he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved in the hard work. Alex will be an outstanding member of any senior management team and one that is well regarded throughout the organization within which he works." - Gary Spiegel Member of the Board of Directors at Luna Innovations Incorporated

"Alex was a great asset to our group. His technical knowledge, business acumen and professionalism contributed to the success of our group. I am honored to have been able to work with him and stay in touch over the years as a friend." - Bernd Steinebrunner, CFP Financial Planner, Financial Services Representative

"It would be a pleasure to have Alex back working for me... or to have him as my boss" - Ian Hatcher, Product Manager, Power Distribution and Management, Honeywell Electric Power Systems

"Alex is a conscientious and diligent professional backed by good technical knowledge and business sense. I have had the pleasure of working with him during his employment at Optech." - Joe Liadsky, VP Technology, Optech Incorporated

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