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  Public Policy and Outreach

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As a member of the Optical Society of America's Public Policy Committee, I have participated in a variety of efforts aimed at improving science and math education and literacy and ensuring our nation's global technological leadership. These have included several congressional educational events such as moderating the Senate Science and Technology Caucus on Solid State Lighting and a Congressional Briefing on Solar Energy. To learn more about the Optical Society of America's public policy efforts, I invite you to visit their website.  


Prof. Peter Delfyett, Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Alexandre Fong


As President of the Florida Photonics Cluster, I lead the efforts of a group of dedicated industry leaders within Florida to grow photonics entrepreneurship throughout the state and beyond. Listen to my Enterprise Florida Podcast interview "Shining a Spotlight on the Science of Light" (also on iTunes) to learn more. 

Alexandre Fong welcomes attendees to the Congressional Briefing on Solar Energy
Alexandre Fong addresses Corporate Members at a Florida Photonics Cluster Meeting
I'm also involved in science education outreach programs, such as the American Education Week's Teach-In. As a member of the scientific community, I believe one of our key responsibilities is promoting the importance of math and science for the future of today's students and our nation as a whole.  



Alexandre Fong at Tuskawilla Middle School 'Teach-In'